Question: Can I Shop At Restaurant Depot Without Membership?

Does Restaurant Depot sell toilet paper?

Yes, you can shop at Restaurant Depot; no, they don’t have toilet paper — yet.

Restaurant Depot in Colonie.

Restaurant Depot, a national chain of warehouse-style stores with a location in Colonie, normally requires its members to have documentation proving they’re in hospitality industry..

Where does Restaurant Depot get their meat?

Most restaurants get deliveries from Sysco, US Foods, or another regional supplier. Some places have a specific meat company, and fancy places may work directly with a farm.

Does Restaurant Depot have an app?

Shop smarter and faster with the RD App! The Restaurant Depot app makes it easier to shop in RD stores… * Easy access to your membership card and number. * Create shopping lists and sort by product location to streamline your shopping trips.

Can you go to restaurant depot without a membership?

It’s FREE! If you do not have a Restaurant Depot membership account and you qualify* for membership, apply below for your free membership card! … Then just go to the Restaurant Depot location you selected as your Preferred Store, where a permanent membership card with your assigned account number will be printed for you.

Is Restaurant Depot still open to the public?

Restaurant Depot has opened its stores to the general public during the coronavirus pandemic. The company is issuing day passes as the COVID-19 battle continues, and shoppers can return to the stores as many times as needed.

How can I get a restaurant depot membership?

Membership is free as long as you present any one (1) proof of business:Business Permit.Certificate of Registration.Mayor’s Permit.DTI Permit.Company Website or Page on Facebook or Instagram.

Does Restaurant Depot take food stamps?

Restaurant Depot does not accept EBT/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Since Restaurant Depot’s warehouse stores are open to food service professionals and non-profit organizations — not the public — the retailer does not take EBT.

Is Jetro and Restaurant Depot the same?

Restaurant Depot becomes a Jetro division.

Who is the biggest food distributor?

Sysco Corp.Top Food Service CarriersRank 2018CompanyTractorsRank 2018 1Sysco Corp.8,5772U.S. Foods5,3363McLane Foodservice2,1784Performance Foodservice2,04731 more rows

Can you order online from Restaurant Depot?

We sell equipment and supplies online, at You can order food online via our new Click & Collect service. You place an order online and the store will pick the items for you. When you arrive at the store, they’ll be ready and waiting.

Is Restaurant Depot cash only?

Restaurant Depot is a Members-Only Wholesale Cash & Carry Foodservice Supplier. Our mission is to be your one-stop shop for Savings, Selection and Service, Seven Days a Week.

Does Restaurant Depot sell alcohol?

Restaurant Depot is a state-licensed wholesaler. As long as you have a resale license you can buy from us. Just bring your liquor license and photo ID on your first visit. …

Does Restaurant Depot have toilet paper?

In case you’ve never heard of Restaurant Depot, it’s a national chain of warehouse stores where restaurants buy food and non-perishable items that restaurants need (like toilet paper!) in large quantities.

Does Restaurant Depot carry hand sanitizer?

Restaurant Equipment and Supplies Online : Restaurant Depot: Hand Soap & Sanitizers.

Can you use credit cards at Restaurant Depot?

Paying for Purchases Jetro accepts cash, checks (with prior approval and identification), debit and credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover) as payment for merchandise.